Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blind Date

Right before I started dating the Super back in May, my mom had asked me if she could give her Carpooler my e-mail address to give to his son. I figured why not? I never heard from him. Now, 6 months later my mom says that he is asking for my e-mail again and can she give it out? Sure, why not? So he e-mailed me last week asking if I would like to meet for lunch or drink some time this week. I responded back that Tuesday or Thursday would work for me. He called me this past Sunday to firm up plans for Tuesday night. He asked if we could meet up at El Torito, so we did.

Going into this date I virtually knew NOTHING about this guy other then his name, age and that he has a dog. He called at 6 pm to let me know that he was stuck in traffic but should be there in a few minutes, so I went into the bar and grabbed a table and ordered a margarita. He told me what he was wearing so when I saw him walk in I flagged him over. I was actually surprised that he was pretty good looking, his fashion was a bit out of date and he needed a hair cut but he had a handsome face and pretty blue eyes.

He ordered a beer and then asked if I would like a taco from the Taco Bar, he went and grabbed us some tacos and returned to the table. He had heard about my dog that I used to have that now lives with some friends of mine so we talked about that for awhile and then he told me some stories about his dogs and talked about our families etc. Somehow we got on the subject of marriage and he asked if I want to get married, I responded "of course". He said that he has NO intention of EVER getting married. Ok.... nice thing to say on a first date. The subject later changed to religion and the idea of Freewill. He is one opinionated dude! What is it with me dating these obstinate men lately???

Overall I had a decent time. We had good conversation even if he dominated it most of the time however, there was NO love connection. I don't know that I will let my mom set me up anymore, I'll stick to Match and the random chance of bumping into someone in everyday life.

And now....I am actually off to have dinner with the Super. I haven't seen him since we broke up 2-1/2 months ago. I'm looking forward to it, it will be good to see him.

Details to follow tomorrow.......


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