Saturday, December 31, 2005

What I've Learned From Dating in 2005

This past year was a year of getting back into the dating scene and getting reacquainted with who I am and what I want in life and in a relationship. I posted a profile on Match in late 2004 and went out with Tim who I totally obsessed over initially, that being simply because he was the first guy I dated after the Ex. So starting with Tim who was actually from 2004 I'm going to write a quick synopsis of what I have learned from the guys I've dated since the Ex.

1) Tim: He was tall, nice build, gorgeous Blue eyes and a killer smile. He was also very sarcastic, I totally fell for him. After our first date, which during we ended up naked, he told me that I wasn't ready for a new relationship that I needed to be single for awhile. At first I was upset but I later learned that he was right. He kept in touch for close to a year, we got together for oral sex about 3 times, he was incredible! He was the first guy to give me the big "O" from oral sex and there was only one after him that could. He was very talented with his tongue. ;-)

2) The Inspector: A very nice guy, physically not my type. We met for dinner and had good conversation, I knew instantly there wasn't any chemistry but he was nice. We went a saw a movie after diner. I gave him a hug goodbye. He called a few days later asking me out for lunch, I never called him back. (I know, rude of me.)

3) The Lighting Guy (LG): I was interested instantly after reading his e-mail to me. We had SOOOO much in common and he was gorgeous. We met at Dukes for dinner and I had the BEST 1st date of my life. We totally clicked. On date number 4 we slept together, but something was off. We dated for close to two months and eveytime we had sex it was over quickly and I never orgasmed. After my trip to NYC he broke thing off with me. I was sad but knew it was the right thing to do, as much as I liked him and wanted things to work, there was just something missing. We kept in touch and actually went out a couple months ago and caught up, it was nice. From my dating experience with him I learned that chemistry is VERY important, a relationship needs more then just shared interests.

4) [b] : Another guy that I was totally into from the get go. He was good looking, smart, funny and sarcastic. When we met there was incredible chemistry. We had a great diner and kissed goodnight. He called a few days later and we made plans to see eachother again. His job ran late that night so dinner was off but he asked me to come over to his place. This is where I went wrong. I went over, he showed me his work we had great conversation and then started kissing, one thing led to another and we had sex, 3 times. It was AWESOME! Even though I never heard from him after that night, I have no regrets. A relationship never would've worked between us, he was way too dedicated to his work. But DAMN, the sex was incredible, I could've gone for a few more rounds of casual sex with hm. O'well.....

5) The Surfer: The Surfer was a great guy, I liked him a a lot. We had four dates, all were fun but the last date was lacking something that was there before. There was also a week or two between each date, things never really took off. After my 3rd date with the Surfer I got together with the Super and I ended up kinda blowing the Surfer off. A few months later the Surfer e-mailed asking how I was doing. No hard feelings there.

6) The Super: The Older Man. The physical chemistry with the Super was indescribable. It was a force I couldn't control. I knew he wasn't right for me in the beginning but I couldn't help myself. We had a lot of fun together over the four months that we dated. But ultimately he couldn't give me what I wanted in a relationship. From my relationship with him I learned what I really want and that I need to get out there and find it. So, that's why I ended things with the Super, we are still good friends and talk about once a week.

7) "A" : "A" should stand for ASSHOLE! He really was. I tried to give him the benefit of doubt, but he was such an opinionated jerk. After our one date he e-mailed me the next day say he just wasn't feeling it. An that was that.

So those were my dating experiences of 2005. I've learned a lot about myself and what I'm looking for in a relationship this past year. I'm looking forward to what 2006 has in store for me and my Love Life.

Happy New Year! May 2006 be the Best Year Yet!


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blind Date

Right before I started dating the Super back in May, my mom had asked me if she could give her Carpooler my e-mail address to give to his son. I figured why not? I never heard from him. Now, 6 months later my mom says that he is asking for my e-mail again and can she give it out? Sure, why not? So he e-mailed me last week asking if I would like to meet for lunch or drink some time this week. I responded back that Tuesday or Thursday would work for me. He called me this past Sunday to firm up plans for Tuesday night. He asked if we could meet up at El Torito, so we did.

Going into this date I virtually knew NOTHING about this guy other then his name, age and that he has a dog. He called at 6 pm to let me know that he was stuck in traffic but should be there in a few minutes, so I went into the bar and grabbed a table and ordered a margarita. He told me what he was wearing so when I saw him walk in I flagged him over. I was actually surprised that he was pretty good looking, his fashion was a bit out of date and he needed a hair cut but he had a handsome face and pretty blue eyes.

He ordered a beer and then asked if I would like a taco from the Taco Bar, he went and grabbed us some tacos and returned to the table. He had heard about my dog that I used to have that now lives with some friends of mine so we talked about that for awhile and then he told me some stories about his dogs and talked about our families etc. Somehow we got on the subject of marriage and he asked if I want to get married, I responded "of course". He said that he has NO intention of EVER getting married. Ok.... nice thing to say on a first date. The subject later changed to religion and the idea of Freewill. He is one opinionated dude! What is it with me dating these obstinate men lately???

Overall I had a decent time. We had good conversation even if he dominated it most of the time however, there was NO love connection. I don't know that I will let my mom set me up anymore, I'll stick to Match and the random chance of bumping into someone in everyday life.

And now....I am actually off to have dinner with the Super. I haven't seen him since we broke up 2-1/2 months ago. I'm looking forward to it, it will be good to see him.

Details to follow tomorrow.......


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Holiday Season

I generally enjoy the Holiday Season, for it is filled with friends, family and parties. The next couple of weeks are FULL of activities for me.

Tonight: Going to a local Bar/Club on Main St. for a locals Holiday Party. Half off drinks and free buffet. I'm going with a couple of single girlfriends, should be a good time.

Thursday: Company Holiday Party, I always have a good time at the company Holiday Party b/c I have ALWAYS (past 4 yrs) had a date who was my DD, so I could drink myself silly. This year I am going Stag due to the fact that I am SINGLE as can be, also b/c my sister& best co-worker friend are both going Stag as well so we can keep eachother company among the many happy couples. I will however need to drive myself home that night so I will have to settle with just a couple of drinks early in the evening.

Friday: Holiday party at Whitney & Andy's new gorgeous house. My entire HS Posse will be there plus some others, I'm hoping there will be some single guys there and not just a crowd of couples. I will be attending with my 4 best Girfriends and their significant others and getting a ride back to Monkeys place to crash there for the night so I will be able to drink myself silly at this party. ;-) Good Times...

Saturday: Sleep off the hangover from Friday night and have Brunch with 4 Best GF's and significant others then, meet up with Mom to finish up Holiday shopping then have dinner with the Parental Units and Little Sis.

Sunday: Annual Holiday Party and Gift Exchange with the HS Posse at Will & Ali's. Myself and Biz will be the ONLY singles at this party, yeah! This party is usually very fun but I tend to leave feeling depressed b/c I just spent the evening with Happily married couples who have children.

Next Wednesday: Holiday Potluck and White Elephant Luncheon at work. ALWAYS fun! Way too much food but everybody really gets into the White Elephant and people fight over gifts, good times.

Next Friday: Dinner with My Girls....and then who knows, hopefully a night on the town.

Christmas Eve: Family festivities in the LBC

Christmas Day: Spend the entire day at my parents with my mom's mom and aunt & uncle from AR, have dinner and open presents. After dinner go to my friend Cre's moms place for drinks and more good times.

Monday: Paid Holiday = NO work!!! Recover from the holidays so that I can Party like a Rock Star next Saturday on New Years Eve.

New Years Eve: I think I'll be attending a Dress-Up party, I have NO idea what to wear. The theme is Dress as Your Favorite Era. Hmmmm.,.. '80's? '60's? I really don't want to have to BUY something to wear. Need to think about this one a bit more.

Why I am PISSED OFF at the Holiday Season this year:

1) I am still single. *The Holidays are always more enjoyable when you have a significant other, for me anyway.

2) I am never prepared finacially for the Holiday Shopping.

3) I spend more $$$ on gifts then I get a return since I am single w/out children. I know, the Holiday Spirir is to Give and NOT receive, but come on for my friends who are married with children I buy 4 gifts and get 1 in return. Bah-Humbug!

4) Most of all I am pissed off b/c I think about my Ex. I wonder if he live with the Bitch that he left me for yet, or if they're engaged. DAMN HIM! I want him OUT of my thoughts!!!

That's it. The reasons why I like the Holidays and why I hate them this year. At least the Good out weighs the Bad by quite a bit. ;-)

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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