Thursday, September 22, 2005

Who Knew???

Last week I went onto Match just out of curiosity to see if a couple of the guys that I had dated in the past were still on there and if they were active. I looked for LG, [b], and the Surfer's profiles, all three were still active. Guess they are still single.

I had "HIDDEN" my profile a couple of months ago when the Super and I decided to move on to "Relationship" status. I must have re-activated my profile when I signed on and not realized it because....when I checked my e-mail on Monday I had 4 new e-mails from Match. I was confused? How did I get new mail? So I logged back on to Match and sure enough my profile was back-up. So guess who the e-mails were from....

The first was from Tim who I dated over a year ago, he was the first guy I met on Match. We have some what stayed in touch ever since, he used to stop in at the Bucks once in awhile. For some reason he NEVER calls me, he''ll either stop in the Bucks or send an e-mail...through Match, not my personal e-mail. I couldn't respond to his e-mail and apparently I don't remember his personal e-mail b/c it kept coming back to me...o'well, he's lame anyway.

The second e-mail was from the Surfer. Just saying hello and that he had called me a few weeks back but never heard back from me and he knows what that means LOL. no worries, he just wanted to say Hi. Ok, the reason I didn't return his last call was b/c he waited like 4 weeks to call me after the last time we went out. I had already moved on and thought he was out of the picture. The last time we hung out we ran out of things to talk about and it got awkward, so I chose not to call him back and I can't respond to this e-mail, and I never got his personal e-mail...o'well.

The third e-mail was from a new guy. I checked out his profile, seems like a cool guy but, I'm not exactly available to date anyone new right now.

And last but certainly not least was an e-mail from LG. I was pleasantly surprised! I hadn't heard from LG since he called me on my Birthday in May. He was basically just saying hello and wanted to know how I was doing. I actually remember LG's personal e-mail so I sent him a response, just with a quick update on my life, that I moved back to HB (he lives there too) and life is overall good. He wrote back with a brief update on how he's doing and said "We should get together sometime and catch up". HMMMMMM, ok, so I wrote back and said I would love to grab and drink or a bite and catch up sometime and gave him my number (in case he lost it). So now I'm waiting to see if I hear from him. I've actually thought about him quite a bit since I moved back to HB because I know he lives close by, I'm always wondering if I'll run into him at the market or downtown, never thought I would actually HEAR from him! It would be good to see LG, he's a good guy and we had a lot in common, I miss him.

So, I've decided to leave my profile up for awhile, just to see what responses I get. I'm not a subscribing member, so I can't respond to e-mails or send any new ones of my own. Just a fun little experiment. SHHHHH, don't tell the Super. ;-p
I'm NOT cheating, it's all innocent, right?

Over n Out,


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