Thursday, May 26, 2005

It's Official....I'm "30"

I must say that so far....30 has been good to me. ;-) Everyone at work has been sending me Birthday wishes and many of my friends have sent me Birthday e-mails. I can't help but wonder though if either of the guys that I am dating will give me a Birthday call. The Super Intendant that I hooked up with last week called yesterday and we chatted a bit, but no birthday wishes from him. I did get an e-mail wishing me a Happy 30th yesterday from the Surfer, but I'm hoping he calls today. OH, I got a VERY unexpected call from LG last night! He was actually calling in response to an e-mail I sent him this past weekend. We share a Love for Dave Matthews Band and I was e-mailing him asking what he thought of the new album and if he got concert tickets for this August etc. etc. He said he had been meaning to e-mail me back but has been really busy with stuff for his condo that he just closed Escrow on, so he decided to give me a call instead. I was pleasantly surprised. We had a nice little chat and caught up with eachother. It looks like we really might K.I.T. and be friends. ;-)

So, my Birthday festivities begin tonight at 6 pm, dinner with the fam. Then I'm heading up to HB to go out with the girls. I took tomorrow off of work so I can party hardy tonight and sleep in in the morning. ;-) Then, Sunday my friends are having a big BBQ for Memorial Day/ My 30th B'day, looking forward to that!

I hope you all have a Great Memorial Day weekend!!

Over n Out,


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not Even the Gym is Safe Anymore!!

I thought that I was FINALLY rid of my "EX" a few months ago. The last I had herd from him was over the Holidays he dropped me an e-mailing wishing me well. I politely responded that I hope he has a good holiday as well. Then for 4 months I herd Nothing from him, I thought I was finally rid of him. I was wrong. Last month he e-mailed me a about a position that we had open in my office and asked if I thought that one of his employee's wives was qualified for the position. WTF??? No, hello, how are you just"I hear you are looking for a Designer in your office, do you think "wife" of my employee would be qualified? Again, I was polite and asked him to forward her resume to me and I would put in a good word for her with my boss. She wasn't qualified, Thank God! That's the last thing I need is a constant reminder of my past in the office eveyday!

So a month goes by with no word from the ex until yesterday. I get an e-mail..

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I know it's this week. Hope all is well :)
Take Care,
The EX

Ok, I guess it was nice of him to remember, but I just wish he would go away already!!! He frickin left me for another woman and she LIVES with him now!!

So, last night I'm at the gym, on the treadmill running like the wind and what do I see in the reflection of the mirror in front of me???? The EX and the Bitch he left me for!!! I just about had a heart attack!!! WTF????? He didn't even belong to 24 hr Fitness before??? So now I have to worry about running into those two every time I go to the Gym... G-R-E-A-T-! That's just FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!

I thought I was stealth and got out of there undetected by the EX, this morning I get an e-mail....

Hey , I saw you at the gym last night at 24 hour fitness. We started working out there at Aliso Creek because it's closer.I was on the bike and you were across the room, but you never looked over . I think you were on your way out of there!

I guess he didn't notice how fast I was walking and that I was looking straight ahead to avoid any eye contact!

Man.....this really bites. I guess I need to find a new gym.....

Over n Out,


Monday, May 23, 2005

Let's Catch Up...

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I've made a Blog entry??? GEEEZ! What is with me??? Well, I was out of town and w/out a computer for most of last week and the week before that was pretty dull I guess.

My dating life has taken an interesting turn. I really haven't been doing much with Match for the past few weeks. Since I met the Surfer, I haven't done any prospecting. I decided I wanted to see where things would go with him. Well, we had to put things on hold due to him having a very hectic schedule the week after we met and then he went to Baja for 9 days. He got back yesterday, and he sent me an e-mail. He wants to get together this week some time to catch-up. Hopfully we can find a day that works for both of us. My B'day is on Thursday and I'm pretty booked from Thursday - Sunday, fesivities and all. ;-)

So...I have some other news. Last week while I was away up at our corporate office the three ladies I was up with and I got invited to dinner with the owner of one of our GC's and his 2 Super Intendants who are working on our Corporate Office Expansion. We went to a very cool little Bar/Lounge just down the street from the hotel we were staying at. The ladies and I got there about an hour before the guys and had a couple of martini's. Once the guys showed up the Martini's were flowing ALL NIGHT! Including a few shots. Around 8:30 there was a live band that set up and we all got up and danced to the "Top 40" cover songs that the singer was belting out. A great time was had by all.

So, one of the Super Intendants and I apparently had been crushing on eachother for the past year but neither one of us ever made a move until last Thursday night. Get a few drinks in ya and the TRUTH comes OUT! We were flirting with eachother for the second part of the evening and I'm not sure how it happened but I ended up sitting on his lap and making out with him! In front of my co-workers and HIS boss! This was VERY unlike me! I invited him back to my hotel with me since he couldn't drive. We took a shower together and then rolled around with eachother on the bed for awhile. I had NO intention of sleeping w/ him. I did however let him go down on me and HOLY-MOLY, that man has TALENT! It was the BEST head I've ever received! That's one major perk of being with an older man, he definitely knew what he was doing. He's 43.

Friday morning I woke up witth one MOTHER of a hang over. I sluggishly got into the shower and dressed and got my bag packed. He was up and perky. How can guys do that? Drink themselves silly and be FINE the next day? He rode back to the office with us...a bit awkward for me, but I don't think anyone saw. He asked for my phone number and told me to stop by before we left.

Come 12 noon, we were out of there! My hang over was staring to wear off, now I was just tired....On the way home I checked my v-mail and he had called. I gave him a call back when I got home, we chatted for about an hour on the phone. He's very open, he basically gave me his whole life story. He invited me to come watch his Softball tournament on Sat down in HB. So, I went. I got an awesome Farmers Tan! Stupid me forgot to pack suntan lotion or bring a hat.....AWESOME! After his game, I went with him and some of his team mates to get some grub and beers. After that he asked me if I'd like to take a walk on the beach...sure! So we went to Newport and walked and talked and watched the sunset. It was a very unexpected nice day. He then took me back to my car and we shared a few smooches and went our separate ways. He said he would call me yesterday...but never did. O'well. Who knows what will happen, I'm not putting much stock into it. We had fun but there really isn't much of a chance for us to have anything substancial. He's been married twice and does not want to marry again, he also has two grown teenage kids, can't have any more so...if anything, he's just someone to have fun with.

I still have my sights set on The Surfer anyway. ;-)

Let's hope this is a good week! I'll be officially old on Thursday!!!

Over n Out,


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What is up with Men on

I would just like to share with you some of the ever so "Thoughtful" and "Articulate" e-mails that I have received from guys on just in this past month. There have been other "winners" out there before these but this month I seem to be attracting the the True Ladies Men!

Bachelor #1: "you look really good"

Bachelor#2: "well Dave Matthews lover.........those lips are made for kissing.....and thats just what they'll of these days my lips are planted all over...... you :) "

Bachelor#3: "hey, how is it going? its hard to believe someone pretty like you is single. its like the best parking spot is always taken. anyways, wanted to know if you wanna be friends?"

Bachelor#4: "Girl, I have some confessions to make. Brace yourself, I want to LIE!! I want to LIE in bad next to you and feel your warm body against mine. I want to CHEAT!! I want to break all the rules and give you one the hottest, steamiest life’s you ever think of having. I want to STEAL!! I want to STEAL your heart and soul and make it a thrill to come home to the kids and me. And at last, I want a DIVORCE!! I want to DIVORCE life and leave all the bull behind me and focus on the kids and us. And the life that we will begin, I hope that each day is fun and bless by GOD. "

*Yes, Bachelor#4 was a "Brother"...they LOVE me for some reason.....

Bachelor#5: "I would like to coat my balls and cock with vaseline and go at it with you. When should we hook up!?!? "

Ummmm.....Bachelor #5 takes the cake for the MOST crass e-mail ever sent to me on Match.

So tell me, do these guys REALLY think that I'm going to respond to this??? Or is it just to be funny in their minds?? I personally wouldn't spend $25.00 a month and take the time to write these kinds of e-mails to strangers just for shits 'n giggles! GROW UP people!!!

That's all for now folks...


Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Surfer Date

Last night the Surfer and I finally got together for drinks. I was very pleased with his appearance, he's tall and very handsome. I have a certain weakness when it comes to tall men ;-p We grabbed a table on the patio and ordered some wine. The conversation flowed very nicely. It was the typical first date conversation, we were interviewing eachother on where we grew up where we like to hang out, touched a little on past relationships. He told me about his ex. He was married briefly 5 years ago for about 6 months. They had dated for three years before they got married, she just freaked out after they got married, she was too young and wasn't ready to be settled. I gave him the short version of why my ex of three years broke up. Our stories were similar, except that he was married and my ex and I just lived together.

We talked for 4 hours, about 2 hours in a guy with a guitar set-up and started singing, he was about 6 feet away from us. We laughed at how old we felt sitting across from eachother straining to hear what the other was saying. The guy singing was pretty good though, sang some decent songs. The evening went really well. Somewhere around 12:15 am we decided to call it a night. He walked me to my car where we hugged and chatted a bit and then said our Thankyou's and it was good to meet you's and he gave me a little kiss on the lips. I smiled at him and we hugged again and chatted a little more. As he started to say good night and walk away I asked for another kiss, this time it was a bit heated. ;-) He's a very good kisser, it felt really nice to be in his strong embrace. I was a bit weak in the knees, I love looking up into a mans eyes. He's leaving for a trip to Baja next week so I jokingly told him that that should give him something to think about while he's in Baja. He smiled and said it definitely would ;-)

We both have busy weeks coming up and next Saturday morning he leaves for Baja for a week. We're going to try to get together sometime this next week before he leaves but it's not going to be easy with our schedules. But it was nice to hear him wanting to fit me into his hectic schedule next week. ;-) We'll see what happens...

I plan on playing it cool this time around. He's definitely into me and things felt awesome last night. He said he'd call me today so hopfully he does, if not...I will NOT call him. I'll wait for him to make the next move.

That's all for now....


Friday, May 06, 2005

A Date Tomorrow.......

The Surfer and I have been e-mailing here and there this week and he called me on Wednesday to tell me that he didn't think he could get together until next week sometime. I told him no problem, I'll let him know my schedule by today. Well, last night when I got home from the Bucks there was an e-mail from him. He's pretty booked up all of next week between Softball and his Marine Ecology trip to Baja so he wanted to know if I'm free this Saturday night. He said he understands that Saturday night is a BIG date night and if there is too much pressure put on the first meeting on a Saturday he understands if I'm not comfortable with it. But I responded to him that Saturday night actually works good for me and to stop being silly, there's not too much pressure being a Saturday night. ;-) If things don't go well I can always come down with a migrane ;-p j/k!

So now I'm just waiting to hear back from him to confirm for tomorrow. I have a good feeling about this guy. He seems to have a good sense of humor and is good with people, he's a High School teacher for god's sake, he'd better be a people person! Physically he's exactly my "type" he's tall 6'2 well built and maybe just a few extra lbs, which I LOVE!!!! If a guy is too well built/defined physically it makes me self conscious about myself. He has dark wavy hair, cut short, hazel eyes and a great smile! So hopfully we "click" when we meet.

So cross your fingers for me that tomorrow works out and things go well with the Surfer!!! ;-p

Over n Out


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