Monday, February 28, 2005

Got through Date #3

Date #3 went very well, it was brief but good. We met at an Italian restaurant in Newport Beach. We had a great table that faced the Harbor. We were even there in time to see the sunset, very romantic. The conversation was good as usual, it got onto a bit heavier topic...past relationships. I learned that his longest relationship was one about 8 years ago that was on and off for about 2 years, they lived together off and on, he even put a deposit down on an engament ring, but realized soon after that they were starting to grow in different directions so they broke it off, they are still friends to this day. His last relationship ended in October, they only dated about 5 months, she was too controlling for him. So then he asked about my ex and if we still talk, the answer is NO. So I gave him all of the details of our break-up, he was a bit shocked. It was an ugly break-up, the ex basically left me for another woman, one of his employees, but lied to me about it, I found out by stopping by the condo and finding her cat and overnight bag in our bedroom. The Lighting Guy said "Well, I can understand why you don't want to talk to him anymore."

So, at 8 pm he had to get going, his friends were waiting for him so they could drive up to SLO, so we got our cars from valet, he paid for mine ;-) and we gave eachother a few smooches and said good night. We have plans for Wednesday night, I'm making him dinner and I hope to be dessert ;-p We'll see if my seduction works! ;-p

Over n out...


Friday, February 25, 2005

The 3rd Date.....

WOW, this week sure did go by fast! I wish every week were only a 4 day work week! Work has been so busy I haven't had much time to blog!

So things are moving along nicely with the Lighting Guy, we talk on the phone everyday, not long talks, just checking in with eachother pretty much. It's at this beginning stage of dating somebody where you're just not quite sure what the other person is feeling or what they want or what they mean by things that they you know what I mean? It's at this stage where I get a little paranoid and over analyze everything!!! This of course means that I'm completely smitten with him, and that's why he is effecting me like this. Ahhh, the beginning of a "potential" relationship can be very exciting yet frustrating at the same time!

Well, we were originally supposed to do something on Saturday, but last night he told me that his buddies have talked him into going up to SLO for the weekend to go surfing. Apparently the waves are killer up there right man!!! So, I'm meeting him for dinner tonight right after work. It will be a short date, he is driving up to SLO at 9 pm tonight, but it's very sweet that he wanted to fit me in before he left. So this will be our 3rd date. ;-)

I'm thinking that our next date should be my treat since he has taken me out the last 3 times. I'm thinking I should take him to eat where the food is served by the best chef in town, my place. ;-) I love to cook and it has actually been forever since I've made a nice meal for someone other then myself.

Stay tuned to find out what happens....

Over n out


Thursday, February 17, 2005


I'm still smiling from my date last night! Dinner with the Lighting Guy was AWESOME! We were both very relaxed and comfortable from the get go, which was so nice and a little surprising. The whole conversation over dinner just flowed so nice, it was almost too easy. It turns out that we have A LOT more in common then I thought. We have so many similar experiences and interests, it's so great! Yet, we've also had many different experiences which keeps things interesting. ;-)

So after a wonderful dinner and a great bottle of chardonnay, we went downstairs to the restaurant on the beach and sat by the fire pit and had another glass of wine. ;-) Don't worry, I didn't get drunk but I did have a great buzz. We sat there until they closed and we got booted out. So we went for a walk down the pier, we still weren't ready to end the date. ;-)

We stopped a little more then half way down the pier and leaned against the railing and talked for awhile longer and then suddenly we both stopped talking and we were just looking at eachother and he stepped forward and leaned in for a kiss. I gladly reciprocated ;-) we kissed, and kissed and kissed. It was soo nice, and we kiss the same way which is always great, no awkward bumping of the noses or clinking of the teeth, no way, it was perfect! He told me that he doesn't usually kiss on the first date but ever since we were sitting at the fire pit he wanted to kiss me, I was glad he did, b/c I wouldn't have made the first move.

It was getting pretty late so he walked me back to my car where there was a nice $42.00 ticket waiting for me, DOH! I forgot that the meters are never free in HB, you have to pay for those suckers 24/7!!! He offered to pay for it, but I wouldn't let him, he picked up dinner and the wine. So we kissed some more at the car and then in my car...then I drove him to his car where we kissed a little more. ;-) I couldn't get enough of his sweet lips, he was such a GOOD kisser!

The great news is he wants to come see me tonight after he has dinner with his mom and bros. He leaves for UT tomorrow and won't be back until Monday night and he says he can't wait until next week to see me again. Awwww, so sweet and forward. It so nice that we aren't playing any games, the maybe I'll hear from him after this, maybe I won't. Well, so far anyway....

So this was easily my BEST 1st DATE EVER! I'm really looking forward to spending more time with him and getting to know him better.....and kissing him some more ;-p

Cross your fingers that I see him tonight!!

Over n out..


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

One more day to go.....

I'm starting to get really excited for tomorrow night. The Lighting Guy called as promised last night and we talked for about an hour. I got to know some more about him and I must say so far he sounds GREAT! He told me about his family, how he started his business, his roommate, the last couple trips he went on, his trip to Utah he's leaving for on Friday, so far I really like everything I've herd. No mention of an "ex" which is always good news. I did slip and mention my ex, but only once and it was just in reference that we lived together. I made sure I didn't bring him up again. I must not bring him up again until he asks.

So, we are still on for the restaurant in HB unless it rains, then we will probably meet at the Spectrum, that way neither one of us has to drive too far in the rain. I'm really getting excited about our date the more I think about it. This is both good and bad. Last week before my date with the Inspector, I was not nervous nor excited about the date and it went well, just no sparks on my end. But now, since I am nervous and excited for the date tomorrow with the Lighting Guy, I fear I may "jinx" myself. Remember, do NOT get drunk and get too physical with him! Be cool!

Geez....if he even had any idea how much I am stressing about this date!!! First dates, I have a Love/Hate relationship with them!!!

I must get back to work now. I'll have more to talk about tomorrow as I panic about the count down to the BIG Date!!

Over n Out


Monday, February 14, 2005


well......It's here Valentines Day. And no Lover to spend it with....Sigh....o'well. To look on the bright side, I will be working with a couple of HOT young guys tonight at the Bucks ;-p

So, this weekend.....pretty uneventful but overall enjoyable. Friday night I had dinner with the Girls, went to a great Italian place in HB. Then Sat I worked and watched "The Notebook" cute movie, total CHICK flick. And last night I had dinner with the Folks.

So, on to the Man front. I did NOT hear from the Lighting Guy over the weekend like he said I would however, I did see him on-line last night so I dropped him an IM. We chatted for a bit, he says he forgot his cell at home this weekend and that's why he didn't call, but he wanted to. Whatever....I didn't even say anything so there was no need to make up a story so.... maybe he really did forget his phone? Anyhow, he asked if we are still on for Wedneday..But of course! So he asked if I like Sea Food, Why yes, I do! So he picked a place on the pier in HB for dinner. It's been a year since I've eaten there and I love the restaurant so it should be good. We didn't discuss a time, he says he'll call me tonight after I get home from work to wish me a Happy V-Day, awww... how sweet ;-) Again, we'll see if it happens, he might lose his cell phone. ;-p NO, I'm kidding, I'm not that bitter about no phone call this weekend, like I mentioned last week, I would've been VERY surprised if he did call.

So here are somethings for me to remember for my first date with the Lighting Guy on Wednesday. Get out your pens and paper folks, these are The First Date Rules!!!

Ask any singleton about the unavoidable first date, and it will invariably be defined as a high-pressure job interview combined with the artificiality of plastic flowers! Yet, we are all so willing to do practically ANYTHING to make a good impression on that first date. So, while she sports the suspicious air of a judge looking down her nose at a defendant, men, with all the high hopes, expectations and fears, are aiming to make it to the second date!

Maybe we find the person really attractive, maybe we are just lonely and need someone to talk to, or maybe we have just found a nice catch. To aid in the progress of l'amour au courant, here are the TEN COMMANDMENTS for first date advertisement dos and don'ts to follow:

#1 Be yourself and relax: People know when you put on an act. So, do not ruin your chances with your date. Besides, if you are comfortable, your date will feel more at ease too.

#2 Dress for the occasion: Dress to look good and feel comfortable. Always arrive well groomed. Rushing to a date from work looking disheveled is not the best way to begin. If there is no alternative, take a few minutes to freshen up, calm down, compose yourself, and relax before you approach your date.

#3 Be polite and courteous: Impolite remarks or impatient behavior is offensive. Show respect for and towards your date. If you are a smoker ask whether it is ok to smoke and do not blow smoke in their face.

#4 Be a good Listener: When you listen carefully, the conversation flows along. Do not ask too many personal questions.

#5 Choose your food with care: Find out about your date's food preferences before meeting. You might want to choose your menu with more care.

#6 Do not be too pushy at the end of the date: Read the situation. If you have been having a good time you might want to give a quick kiss or a hug, but going any further on the first date usually gives off all the wrong signals. It might seem as if you are desperate or as if you are only after one thing. And thank your date for a nice time.

#7 Do not get drunk: Keep your limit in mind.

#8 Do not mention your last boyfriend/girlfriend six hundred times: Do not mention your past romantic liaisons. It just comes off as insecurity. Your date is with you because she finds some value in you. You do not need to point out the fact that all in fact, desires you.

#9 Do not assume that he/she will pay: No matter who invites whom, it is always a nice gesture to offer to pay for half the check.

The most important tip:
#10 Date safe. And do not rush into intimacy. It will give you something to look forward to on future dates.

So how is everbody on these 10 Commandments? I usually do pretty well with all but #7 and #10. The problem arises with #7 and #10 when I REALLY like the guy. B/C I really like the guy I drink more then I should so I'm more comfortable but then this can make #10 a problem for me B/C I really like the guy and now I'm horney B/C I've had too much to drink so I can be a bit"Easier" then normal. This happened to me about 6 months ago, my first date after the break -up.

So, we met for dinner at Claim Jumper. I must admit, initially I didn't find him all that physically attractive. But a couple of Martini's into the date, not to mention the glass of wine I had prior to arriving at Claim Jumper to calm my nerves, I really started to get more and more attracted to him, and no it wasn't just the alcohol, I found him quite charming and witty. Two things that I find irresistible in a man. I love men that can appreciate my sarcasm and dish it right back at me.

So after dinner and the Martinis he asked if I was comfortable going back to his place to hang out for awhile. SHHHURRRE, I was comfortable. So off we went. When we arrived I made us each another Martini. We sat on the couch and talked and flirted for about an hour and then he said he wanted to go upstairs and change into something more comfortable and asked if I wanted to see the tour of the upstairs...oh...Well...ok. So we went to his room after touring the other 2 bedrooms and he went and changed into some sweat pants and I got comfy on his bed. He came over and joined me and after some chit-chat and poking and tickling, b/c that always breaks the ice for me (childish I know) we started to kiss, and well one thing led to another before you know it we were both naked doing VERY naughty things to eachother. We did NOT have sex, but just about everything else. BAD GIRL! I know. But, F*** it felt great! And the chemistry, MAN, UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!!!

So after about 2 hours of heated passion, he walked me to the door and kissed me goodnight. The next day I thought, WOW we really have a connection, that was awesome! Well, when I called him that night, yes I called him, MISTAKE, he seemed a bit distant, and said he'd call me over the weekend. He called Sat. night while out at a bar with friends. I called him Sunday morning and asked him if he wanted to get together that night, he said he had some stuff to do and he would call me later. Well later ended up being 8 pm, a little late to make plans. So I asked him if he wanted to do something later that week, he said he would have to see what his work load was like on Monday for the week and he would call me. Well, we ended up meeting for dessert on Thursday night, we acted strange. Gave me a speach about being really busy, and didn't think he could give me what I wanted. What is it that he thought I wanted??? Anyway, I agred to just being casual.

About a week later I get and e-mail from him asking when we can get together again so he can "pleasure me". WHAT???? So he suggests that we can be Friends w/ benefits "For Now". What the F????? Well, alright, what the hell, we were FANTASTIC together! So the next week when I moved into my Apt. he came over and BOY, he gave me pleasure all right, better then I've ever experience!!! WHEW!! This friends with benefits thing could be great, I can have great sex and still date other people. Only, it didn't quite turn out that way.

I called him about a week later to see if he wanted to come over, oh no, not tonight he said, he's tired. Ok, fine. A couple weeks later he calls and wants to come over, Ok, SURE! Again, fa-nominal! So about a week after that I call him to come over, no, I can't tonight. Do you see what was going on there, it was ONLY when he wanted it. I couldn't be the one to Initiate a hook up. SO FRUSTRATING!!! So we hooked up like 5 times over a 3 month period and it stopped about 3 months ago and needless to say I haven't had any action since.

So, I'm VERY horney and a bit scared that I could get myself in this predicament again with possibly the Lighting Guy. So, I must NOT drink too much and I must NOT go back to his place, under any circumstances, RIGHT?

Man o'man! The dating dilemas I am having! Please give me the strength to hold out at least a few dates! ;-p I do definitely hope for a kiss g'night though. Maybe even a little make out session, just a small one. ;-p

Well, just about 48 hours now til the big date! I've gotta get outta here, I wrote WAY more then I had planned today! I hope someone got to read this!

Over n Out...


Thursday, February 10, 2005


Last night I talked to the Lighting Guy, he is AWESOME! We talked for about an hour. Never an awkward silence which is great, also I was a little nervous which means I like him ;-) We have so much in common and he sounds like such a fun person. He goes on weekend trips all the time and Big trips a few times a year. Initially I was a bit skeptical about him being a work-aholic since he owns his own business, but it sounds like he is very well balanced and has plenty of time to play. He's going up to SLO this weekend so he asked if we could get together for dinner next week, we have plans for Wednesday. He says he'll call me over the weekend to chat some more. WOW, if he does I will be SOOO impressed. If he's out of town hangin with his buddy and he actually takes time out to call me, that is a great sign!

Tonight I am going to a Charity benefit with Jen, it should be fun. $10 for all the wine I can drink and cheese and chocolate I can eat! It's supposedly WAY over booked though so I hope we don't have a problem getting in.

Tomorrow is Kobi, my dog's second Birthday. I'm going to bring him into work with me tomorrow so we can have some QT together. I miss him so much. ;-( I know he is in a much better environment with Cathy's family, but I sure do miss my snuggles with him.

So that's my big weekend. Nothing planned after Friday night. Maybe I'll go spend some time with the folks. I haven't seen them for a few weeks now.

Well, that's all for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll hear from the Lighting guy over the weekend. ;-)

Over n out,


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The day after the date...

So I met the inspector last night. We ended up going to the Yard House for dinner and drinks and then went and saw "Boogieman". Dinner and drinks went well. He's a really nice and fun guy to be with howerver.... no sparks. Which I pretty much knew going into it. But it was a good date overall. And great practice for the next time I meet a new guy.

The other guy that I am currently interested in is looking good so far. I got another e-mail from him this morning. We really have a lot in common, I'm very interested in getting to know him better. He has many pluses +++++ he's older then me but not too much older, he's outdoorsy, LOVES DMB, likes to go wine tasting and is addicted to Seignfeld re-runs. I think we just might be a MATCH! ;-p We shall see, time will tell.

On another note, the ex from long ago that I hooked up with a few months ago, which was a HUGE mistake, keeps calling me. Called again last night. Ughhhh, I can't shake him.

Well, that's all for now.


Monday, February 07, 2005

Should I be nervous???

So tonight at 7 I am meeting the Inspector for drinks. I'm not really all that excited or nervous. Should I still meet him? I feel kind of bad going into it with such low expectations. He seems like a nice guy, I just don't know if there's really any potential. Well, I guess I could look at it as good practice for future meetings/ dates. I just hope I don't give the wrong impression. Just a little more background on my history with men...the ones I'm not interested in ALWAYS turn out to be interested in me, it's like some strange karma I have. And then the ones that I'm really into, never call me again. I think that I'm usually more relaxed and at ease with the guys that I'm not that into, and possibly a little to aggressive or try too hard with the guys that I'm really into. I need to find a happy medium between the two for the guys that I want another date with.

So speaking of other men and potential meetings/dates.....there are two new possibilities on the horizon. I got an e-mail from the one guy late last week, I don't think I've mentioned him yet in the blog. He seems nice, very outdoorsy and lives near by, he's a teacher. He hasn't responded to my e-mail from yesterday though so...I may have lost him....we'll see. But, the other guy that I'm actually quite intrigued by I got an e-mail from this morning has A LOT in common with me. The only couple of things that are questionable is his height, he's on the shorter side and slender, I prefer men who are at least 5'11 and average in size. And, he slightly resembles my ex in appearance. Not too much. But enough where people will comment. But, he does seem to be very compatible with me otherwise, so we'll see.

So, my weekend was pretty good with one exception. I went to get my nails done with some friends on Saturday and that Bitch that's dating my ex came in and walked right past me! All things considered, I actually handled it pretty well. What got me the most riled up was the fact that she was driving his explorer! He NEVER let me drive his cars, nor would he drive mine. He claimed it was b/c we weren't insured on eachothers cars so he didn't think it was a good idea. SHHHH, yeah, WHATEVER!!! Anyway, I do realize that I'm over my relationship with him. I'm actually glad she came around and stole him away from me, she did me a HUGE favor in the grand scheme of things. I was MISERABLE in that relationship, it just took being out of it for awhile for me to realize how unhappy I really was with him. He was a PRICK.

Super Bowl was fun. I won $40.00 and only spent $6.00!! Worked out pretty well for me. I'm a little hung over still from all the beer I drank yesterday. After a night of drinking beer, I'm always overly hungry the next day. I've eaten WAY too much so far today. Yikes!

Well, that's all for now folks.

Over n out


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